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Pinkpawpal Product Reviews

Eyes & Facial Cleansing
Product No.1+2


No.3 Removing Heavy Greasy Stains & Fungi For Cat & Dog


Kitten Bathing with
Product No.4 shampooing 




Remove Stain & Whitening
Product No. 5 + 9 then 7




Correctly rinsing & Ear Cleansing after bath
Product No.11 & 8




Kitten Nail Clipping




Persian Grooming & Pinkpawpal Luxurious Grooming Tools




Pinkpawpal Supplements
No.RS1 + S2



For all of PINKPAWPAL shampoos
Can be use directly or dilute with water.
Ratio 1 part of shampoo with 10-20 part of water.

Product No. SS1 + SS2 Scissors and Golden Combs